Daniel Fällman

Interactive Institute Umeå + Dept. of Informatics Umeå University, Sweden

Daniel Fällman is a Professor of Informatics at Umeå University, Sweden, and he has been affiliated with Umeå Institute of Design for over a decade. He currently serves as studio director for Interactive Institute Umeå where he leads a team of talented young interaction designers, researchers, doctoral students, and engineers specializing in experimental, future-oriented interaction design projects within non-office type environments such as paper mill factories, mountain bike paths, and scuba diving reefs.

Fällman's research interests are in the confluence of HCI and design and include new interaction technologies and interaction styles; sketching techniques for interaction designers; design theory and its influence on HCI; phenomenology and questions of embodiment, involvement, and meaning; and a broad interest in the philosophy of technology. He has published over 50 academic articles in leading international journals and conferences in the fields of HCI, Interaction Design, and Design Research. In 2010, he was awarded the title 'Future Research Leader' by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.