Getting to Copenhagen

By air

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the airport in Scandinavia with the most international flight destinations. Copenhagen Airport is one of the newest in Europe and has been ranked among the best in the world whilst being the preferred low cost carrier airport in Scandinavia. You can reach Copenhagen Airport on non-stop flights from more than 130 destinations choosing between more than 60 international airlines. Once you arrive, you will find a train and a metro line to bring you swiftly into the heart of the city in a mere 12 minutes.

By train

Copenhagen is easily accessible by train from all major cities in Europe. A train journey both contributes to CO2 reduction and gives you the possibility of experiencing the wonderful landscapes. Copenhagen central station has, for example, good Intercity and Eurocity connections to Gothenburg (ca. 4 hours), Stockholm (ca. 5 hours), Hamburg (ca. 5 hours), Berlin (ca. 7.22 hours), Frankfurt (ca. 8.30 hours), Oslo (ca. 9.40 hours), Amsterdam (ca. 11 hours), Zurich and Paris (ca. 17 hours). For a detailed connection, please use the Journey Planner to plan your trip.

In Copenhagen and surroundings, public transport is comfortable, efficient and safe. You can easily get around and transfer between buses, harbour buses, trains and the underground.